SCA Classes

Hi there! Thank you for visiting; below are links to some of the SCA classes I’ve taught in the past. This page will be updated periodically to reflect new classes I’ve taught and additional resources If you have any questions, please send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!

Class Handouts and Slideshows

Note: You are welcome to use any of my handouts or classes for personal, noncommercial, or educational use, so long as you credit me.


SCA Hunting 101 – Unmaking the Game by Baron Cataldo Querini
Who’s that in the Hat: SCA Rank and Regalia by Baroness Margaret Lad, OP
Edited and recorded by Baron Cataldo Querini

Classes Taught


  • Chasing and Repousse Advanced Class (Planned for Pennsic 50)
  • Chasing and Repousse for Beginners (Planned for Pennsic 50)
  • Persona Development (Planned for Pennsic 50)
  • Watching the Fight (Planned for Pennsic 50)
  • Getting Started with Cut and Thrust


  • Chasing and Repousse for Beginners
  • Basic Pewter Casting
  • Arts and Sciences/Martial Activity Roundtable
  • Persona Development
  • Understanding Martial Activities

2021 – Plague Year: Redux

2020 – Plague Year

  • Winter University Martial and HMA Track Assistant Coordinator
  • Persona Development
  • Cut and Thrust for New Fencers



  • Chasing and Repousse for Beginners
  • Embossing for Beginners
  • SCA Armor Repair 101
  • Medieval Hunting 101
  • Medieval Hunting 102


  • Introduction to Metalwork
  • Chasing and Repousse for Beginners
  • SCA Roman Jewelry


  • SCA Armored Combat 101
  • A Riveting Adventure: How to Make a Spangenhelm
  • Persona Development
  • How to Be an SCA Deputy
  • Blacksmithing Track Instructor – Bryn Gwlad Fall Baronial
  • Welcome to the SCA Newcomer’s Class


  • Ms. I.33 Class (for 150 people!)
  • Metalwork for Kids of All Ages
  • Basic Metalwork for Fighters
  • Medieval Hunting 101
  • Medieval Hunting 102
  • Medieval Hunting 201 – Butchering


  • 2 x Open Forge Class for local library (70+ participants each time!)
  • How to Flute Armor Class
  • Armormaking for New Fighters
  • Page’s Class – Maintaining a Knight’s Armor – Boy Scouts of America


  • Medieval Arts and Sciences Workshop Metalwork Instructor
  • Armor Repair Class
  • Medieval Hunting 101
  • Medieval Hunting 102

2012 – Deployed to the Middle East

  • An Introduction SCA Heavy Fighting – Taught in a bunker over several nights using riot batons, body armor, and kevlar helmets


  • Q4 – Prepared to deploy to the Middle East with the United States Army
  • The SCA for New Fighters
  • Armoring 101 Workshop
  • How to Make a Greathelm
  • Safety Third: A Class on Workshop Safety


  • Making Maille – Assistant Instructor

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