Older Projects

After looking through a decade of being an SCA Artisan, I realized it might be a bit cumbersome to put pictures, documentation, and a detailed descriptions for each project. Hopefully this gives my dear readers a bit of insight into my journey as an Artisan.


  • 15th C. Bevor
  • 14th C. Bassinet
  • 12th C. Great helm
  • 14th C. Legs
  • 14th C. Cuirass with hinged backplate
  • 14th C. Spaulders
  • 14th C. Cased bracers
  • 14th C. Couters 
  • Vendel helm (assisted)
  • Wisby coat of plates
  • 14th C. Scale fauld 
  • Splinted bracers
  • 15th C. Plackert 
  • 15th C. Brigantine Breastplate
  • Spring pin gorget 
  • Half gauntlets (several)

Chasing and Repousse

  • Reliquary box
  • Bestiary panels
  • Viking sailing ship medallion
  • Nickel silver Atlantian Spike
  • Nickel silver medieval jeweler panel
  • Flying pig repousse


  • 13th Century Hungarian coronet
  • Ducal “Sparkle Strawberry” party coronet 
  • Baronial “White Claw” party coronet
  • Baronial “Florida Woman” party coronet
  • Roman amethyst diadem
  • Baronial Coronet for Hannah of Kingswood
  • Baronial coronet for Aiden of Kingswood
  • Largess coronet for the Kingdom of Atlantia
  • Baron Naran’s Pearl Medallion and necklace
  • Hand engraved Sable Talon
  • Baron Detleff von Marburg’s Coronet
  • Brass fittings for Ensign Collar
  • Tir-y-Don Award Medallions 
  • Ansteorran Award Medallions (12)
  • Award of Arms circlets (6)


  • Camp fire table
  • Camp poke/blow
  • Camp cooking tripod
  • Camp dinner bell
  • Forged list field stakes


  • Hand carved birch spoon
  • Cast pewter pilgrim’s badges
  • Birch shield (teardrop) x2
  • Hand pavise
  • Shield bosses (several)
  • SCA dagger repair and refurbishment 
  • Medieval riding boots

Sewing Projects

  • King René Cotes (4)