Musings of a Modern Medievalist

An (Overdue) Update!

Blog writing is hard. I mean, the act of writing in and of itself isn’t particularly difficult, but summoning the mental energy to pull together all of the important things (SCA and otherwise) that have happened over the last year(s) is difficult. So, without further ado, I present the following updates! I got married to … Continue reading An (Overdue) Update!

Under a Sable Star…

In the early summer of A.S. XLVI my Federal Lord decided that I was to leave the Kingdom of Calontir for the Kingdom of Ansteorra. In other words, the U.S. Army decided I was was being transferred from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to Fort Hood, Texas to be assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division. While I … Continue reading Under a Sable Star…

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