Below are my awards from both the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Kingdom of Atlantia. They can also be found on the Atlantian Order of Precedence page.

  • Award of Arms
  • Muse of Bryn Gwlad
  • Award of the Sable Talon of Ansteorra
  • Award of the Sable Comet of Ansteorra
  • Companion of the Winged Sea Monkey of Tir-y-Don
  • Companion of the Coral Branch of Atlantia
  • Companion of the Sea Dragon of Atlantia
  • Companion of the Whelk of Tir-y-Don
  • Award of the Fountain of Atlantia
  • Companion of the Pearl of Atlantia
  • Augmentation of Arms – A Narwhal Haurient
  • Companion of the Order of the White Scarf of Atlantia
  • Award of the Shark’s Tooth
  • Companion of the Queen’s Award of Courtesy
  • Baron of the Court of Atlantia
  • King’s Award of Excellence
  • Augmentation of Arms – TBD by Triton Herald
  • Member of the Company of the Sergeants of Saint Aidan
  • Augmentation of Arms – Saint Aidan’s Golden Stag
  • Award of the Undine

Scrolls and Regalia

Here are some of the scrolls and medallions I’ve received over the years, they’re absolutely beautiful and deserve to be shared!