About Me

My name is Baron Cataldo Querini. I’ve been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for nearly 15 years and have lived in three different Kingdoms.

I was initially drawn to the SCA by the artistry and my desire to make cool things myself. Along the way, I’ve come to also enjoy the various martial and service activities the SCA has to offer. Whether it’s being a part of a line of two hundred fighters smashing into the enemy, or standing behind Royalty to make The Dream come alive for other people, I’ve grown to love this crazy group of medieval enthusiasts like an extended family.

While we may not always agree on how a piece of armor might have been made, what fabrics are the best for certain garments, or even how to best manage the game, our shared passion, courtesy, and sense of adventure are what have kept me in the Society for all of these years.

If you see me at an event or wandering the road at War, stop and say hello! I’m always open to hearing about your pursuit of The Dream.

My lovely wife, Baroness Margaret Lad, OP and I at the Kingdom of Atlantia’s 12th Night.

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