An (Overdue) Update!

Blog writing is hard.

I mean, the act of writing in and of itself isn’t particularly difficult, but summoning the mental energy to pull together all of the important things (SCA and otherwise) that have happened over the last year(s) is difficult. So, without further ado, I present the following updates!

I got married to Baroness Margaret Lad! While the link is a shameless plug for her blog, the important thing here is that she is an amazingly accomplished woman and I’m glad I get to adventure alongside her. I’m not sure what else to say except I’m a lucky man.

I moved to Atlantia! This probably isn’t news to the three people reading this blog, but I moved from Texas to Virginia at the very end of 2016. Along with the move came a whole bunch of other life changes and I’m now happily living out in the country north of Charlottesville, VA in a 102 year old farmhouse. Along the way I’ve discovered the joys of discovering what a century of repairs to a home looks like, captured and released a bunch of wildlife, and accidentally killed several tomato plants.

I’ve been to Pennsic! I’ve now been to Pennsic multiple times and found it to be the entire SCA concentrated into one spot for two weeks in the summer. If Lilies War is parties with fighting, and Gulf Wars is fighting with parties, then Pennsic is fighting and parties. While I imagine I could make multiple posts about Pennsic(s) past, suffice to say that Pennsic is awesome. As an added bonus, my wife and I ran our camp this year and it seemed to be wildly successful. At one point we had over 40 people visit at once for a vigil and it looked and felt great. I’m really looking forward to next year!

We have cats! There are some who might say that four cats are too many, but I can assure you that Skweeker, Artemis Jub-Jub, Potato Wedge Antilles, and Notorious Biggs Darklighter are the purrfect amount of cats. Regardless of requests to add to their number by certain individuals, four is great.

I’ve done (and am doing) a lot of art! Though it may surprise some folks, it was originally art that first drew me to the SCA and is something that has kept me going. Since moving from Ansteorra to Atlantia, I’ve added casting, chasing and repousse, woodworking, and a bunch of other sundry skills supporting all of those things. Even when I’m not able to fight any more, I can keep teaching and doing art.

I’ve done a lot of fighting! I’m now getting back on the heavy field for melees and wars and it is a great feeling. Add in the normal rapier fighting along with cut and thrust plus some archery and I’ve been busy on the field. I did get to Iron Man Gulf Wars which was a blast and I highly recommend it for anyone who feels like they don’t have enough to do at war. Incidentally, I am being guided in my quest to crush my enemies and see them driven before me by Master Charimmos and Master Giacomo.

I’m now an Officer! Apparently the Commonwealth of Virginia has kept the whole Jamestown and civil defense thing going since 1607. Now formed as the reserve component of the Virginia National Guard, the Virginia Defense Force has allowed me the chance to get back into uniform and help out! I had always wanted to be an officer but it never materialized before I retired from active duty, I lucked out and got a slot at the VDF’s Officer Candidate School and got to commission with my wife and son pinning me. To make it even better, my younger brother was my first salute. It was definitely a high point for me and I’m glad they got to be there.

I’m still making models! I don’t play Warhammer much these days, but I do still build models and paint them as a non-SCA artistic endeavor. Next on the plate are some Daughters of Khaine!

I think that about covers it for now. Hopefully I’ll do a bit better about keeping things updated, but if not I apologize to the three people patiently waiting for another post.

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